Brilliant West Berkshire

Brilliant West Berkshire

Let's be absolutely clear... 'Brilliant West Berkshire' is just about the coolest project in the UK. In fact, probably the world?

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In a world first, we are running a project to empower the children of West Berkshire to deliver 'positivity', 'happiness' and 'brilliance' across their schools and communities. The aim is to transform lives and embed 'brilliance' into the school ethos.

It's global domination of the happiness kind. And it starts in West Berkshire! (we are thinking of getting a headquarters inside a volcano because that seems to be where all 'global domination' schemes are hatched.)

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Brilliant West Berkshire

'Why' is a rubbish place to start. We prefer 'why not?'

There are far too many 'mood hoovers' in this world – people who moan and grumble and who are a zillion miles away from feeling as great as they could. So lesson number one is that we certainly don't want to join them!

And here's lesson number two all wrapped up in a big and exciting thought - what if we could transform them? What if the children of West Berkshire could learn some simple rules of happiness and positivity that they could spread across their schools and homes? And what if 500 kids took part and each one impacted positively on, say, five people? And what if those five then impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if... have you got it yet?



Brilliant West Berkshire

First things first. 'Brilliant West Berkshire' is going to be designed and delivered by the year fives. All the city's schools have been invited to take part... and some have decided to go for it. We did spend a little time worrying about the schools who've declined our kind offer but decided they'll be fine. And 'fine' is, well, 'fine'. There's nothing wrong with 'fine'.

'Brilliant' on the other hand is a few notches up the awesome scale. And we think 'Brilliant West Berkshire' will equip the children to deal much better with school. We also think it will set kids up to be confident, positive, upbeat, passionate and happy…things that go well beyond the classroom.

At the start, 'Brilliant West Berkshire' will have some adults driving it. But once the kids are up to speed the adults will take a back seat. Have you heard the phrase 'light the blue touch paper'? That's what we aim to do. And then stand well back while you lot sparkle!

Andy CopeAndy Cope, aka 'Spy Dog author'. This best-selling author is also a happiness expert and oozes positivity. He gets people to think differently and to achieve huge unbelievably great goals.

Barbara HunterBarbara Hunter. A school improvement adviser (she’s the one who bosses your head teacher around, which we think is pretty cool) and a champion of children’s achievement. Barbara is also a committed 2%er (that will make sense to you after you’ve attended day 1)

John MicklewhiteJohn Micklewhite. A head teacher who is so mad keen on ‘Brill West Berkshire’ that he’s offered to host it! Nuff said. We love John #respect

Carl BembridgeCarl Bembridge, aka 'Mr Technical'. The secret man behind the scenes, does crazy things with computers and makes the Brilliant West Berkshire website look pretty!


Brilliant Derby

Our massive social experiment kicks off in November 2013 and finishes six months later. Except it doesn't really. Just because there are no more sessions to attend doesn't mean the learning has to finish. Transforming lives is forever! We will find ways of keeping the project going.

Plus, when we've proved it works we'll need to borrow the kids to come and speak at the launch of 'Brilliant Bristol' and 'Brilliant Birmingham' and 'Brilliant Barbados'.


Useful stuff that you can share.

See how the project transformed the lives of pupils and staff at Parkview Primary School

The ‘Brilliant West Berkshire’ messages are very simple. Here’s a taster, The Pig of Happiness, bon appetite!

And here’s what we’re trying to avoid…

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